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Episode Reaction: The Spanish Teacher
glee, nothing hurts, kurt hummel, blaine anderson, klaine
This is crap because my brain is floppy... ^_^

You know that when an episode commences with a Will Schuester voiceover it is going to be the biggest bag of fail to ever exist, and that it is also going to be uncomfortable hilarious and brilliant. And then they went ahead and added every other lovely little element into it and made it into an episode that was really about "different directions", and changes in life plans, which is something I've wanted to see for a little while.

(And it doesn't hurt that it was also a "Will REALISES he is awful at x" episode, too. When's the one where he finally relinquishes the reins of glee club to Artie? :D)

1. So can everybody everywhere once and for all concede that WILL IS AN AWFUL TEACHER AND PERSON now?

2. The first number, and subsequent matador number, were so very uncomfortable and so amazingly fail, and so, so very Will. (His lyrics were rather perfect. "A little less conversation, a little more action please / All this aggravation ain't satisfactionin' me / A little more bite and a little less bark / A little less fight and a little more spark / Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me". For a number of reasons.
  • "You have to be liked Will, you avoid confrontation." (Kendra's line, forever ago.)
  • Hey, David, stop talking because every time you teach my students something actually useful I lose even more credit.
  • It's kind of the perfect mix of well-intentioned and demanding and a little inappropriate and pretty much everything that Will ever asks of his kids is in those lines. NO STOP FIGHTING, STOP BEING ANGRY, KIDS, JUST SING SONGS. (Satisfy ME. guh.)
3. I thoroughly enjoyed that Figgins is now "BREAKING IT DOWN" again. I missed him, just a little. And, he's finally trying to stop letting teachers walk all over him, and, you know, giving a shit or two. happy feels.

4. The Glee kids know exactly how fail Will Schuester is. But, because they get that he doesn't have a lot else, they're willing to help him all the same. (He really does need them more than they need him, and always has.)

5. Sue's mothering instinct. YES. (Will: when a woman says she wants to have a child, you DO NOT a) laugh and b) ask if it's possible. God. what even.)
The discussion around a woman's age was... interesting... in this episode, and the way women are considered to be lesser because of older age and lack of fertility
Also, sometimes I think half of what Sue says she says just to piss off and confuse Will. I love it.

6. Roz Washington makes me feel conflicted. Someone want to explain?

7. Kurtcedesberry friendship let me love you I am so glad this is happening. I want to know where the turning point was for Kurtcedes, because the last things I remember hearing on that were "ain't no way for me to love you" and "never mind, I'll find someone like you". I suppose things changed when they brought the Trouble Tones back? hmmm. Anyway, their movie nights are way cute and totally almost made me want to feel like a girl.

8. I have repeatedly claimed that I want to marry Emma Pillsbury. Let's just say that, over the course of this episode, that desire increased about a million fold, and my heart may even have exploded with the amount of love I have for that beautiful woman. Who now gets shit done, and communicates so much without speaking, and stops her fiance from being the most colossal dick ever, and, hey, legit helps kids and saves lives. And writes hilarious pamphlets because, you know, she actually gets how students think, and is kind of more in touch with them than anyone else. In future, I demand all of the Beiste/Emma and Sue/Emma, friendship or otherwise, because they're all so lovely, and I love how the three of them have come together this season. Just... way too many happy feelings. (fucking Twilight, though...)

9. Artie. ARTIE. God I love you. Never ever stop.

10. Kurt's disapproval of Will throughout the whole episode--and his adorable smitten-ness with David--also gave me such joy. So adorable <3

11. CAN I JUST. WITH THE FURT CONVERSATION. CAN. I. JUST. It was perfect, and there is nothing I could possibly say about it. Best brothers ever.

12. Ricky Martin was totally the sex pollen. And it was really nice to see a quality adult at WMHS, one who is now teaching the students. One who cares for the right reasons, and not... well, not Will.

13. Santana's reactions to Will all through the ep, and her speech to him at the end. Again, in the end, she wants to help Will. But she also cares about her education, and her culture.

14. Did you see Samcedes going to a counsellor when they felt over their heads and confused with their relationship? Did you see them not wanting any party at all to get hurt, so they asked for help--and then listened to the advice they were given? I was a little dubious about them after the slightly uncomfortable song coercion last week, but I am on this ship so hard it hurts after this episode.
Also, the communicating entirely via songs thing was lovely and I want more of it.

15. Puck said that, in 2030, he would be "in jail. or dead. or both." Um... wow. Ouch.

So, I think Emma won the episode for me, but a close second was definitely sexy krumping Cheerios. Just, guh. holy crap.

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I think I'm the only person who likes their Twilight-love. :D It's just, they're stupid teenagers, what other time of your life are you gonna be allowed those type of vices, hah.

I also really like that Kurt seems to be Team Jacob (you know, considering his Taylor Lautner fantasies), and is dating his best friend. While Rachel seems to be YOU JUST KNOWWWW, which gives her a Team Edward edge and.... well, it correlated with her relationship with Finn in the sense that they're in love with each other and that's kind of all they have going.


And I will now go sit right over there and pretend I haven't read all the books okay, cool, okay.

I did think it was cute, and it definitely fits what the three of them are feeling towards their respective loves, so I can understand them being interested in it. I'm just not a big fan of Twilight itself xD

don't tell anyone but I read them too. and really enjoyed them at the time. shhhhhh.

oh same here! I just hated Breaking Dawn so that kinda ruined it for me.

ahhh idk, it gets more hate than it deserves. It's an appropriate ref and I like it when Glee does them so like all the time oops

I enjoyed them up until Breaking Dawn, and having finished Breaking Dawn, realised the first three were also problematic and kind of turned into one of those obnoxious people who hate on it loudly and, well, obnoxiously. Now I'm one of those people who goes to see the movies on her own and laughs out loud and psyhic wolves and everybody's SUPER INTENSE STARES~

Glee makes the best references ever. This season's pip culture-y parallels have been awesome <3

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