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So I have been slightly absent here of late... and I am writing this note to let everyone know that it will likely continue like this, and possibly get even worse (if I even work out how to Not Procrastinate), until about November.
Because HSC, apparently, owns my life--along with debating (which, oh my god, I am not the captain, debating teachers, why do you keep getting me to do your shit ><), and dancing, and doing major works, and being on the SRC, and That Project I sincerely hope I'm doing, and... maybe sleeping? Maybe?

(I'm quite proud of myself so far. I haven't had what I'm told is the "Inevitable Year 12 Sobbing Breakdown In Front Of Everyone And Their Sister", and have somewhat successfully navigated a few people through theirs. Actually, apart from the occasional terrible mood and the procrastination, I guess I'm doing alright!)

Not the point though.

I apologise to anyone I have not replied to of late, or anyone I have not messaged/spoken to/etc. I keep meaning to, and I will (feel free to nag me if you want)... but I'm a little frazzled right now. :)


glee, kurt hummel, nothing hurts, klaine, blaine anderson


(employing memes to talk about srs issues. I'm classy like that.)

So Matt Cecchin and Magda Szubanski both came out in the space of a week (the latter of whom had amazing things to say about the issue). And then I found out Matt Bomer officially came out this week too, in an acceptance speech no less.

Plus Washington became the 7th US state to legalise gay marriage, and apparently there have been serious discussions in the Australian parliament today on the subject (but, see, they say that, they always say that, and nothing's happened each time... I can hope though.)


Clearly I may have to make a post about this at some point because I have feelings.

Happy Valentine's Day. <3

(Also the pope had a rant. I'm pretending I never read it at this stage. Makes me feel less like throwing things.)
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Video: Exogenesis Symphony as performed by a legit orchestra

Basically, this happened, and I died: 


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Aaaaaaaaaaaaand now I am off to listen to Guiding Light on repeat forever, and think retrospectively about how heartbreaking it is that Matt wrote this song before, not after he and his fiancée broke up. Because way to make a girl feel awkward, Bells

(Note: writing this post was a bad idea, because I now want to talk about/listen to/re-immerse myself in this band forever, which is bad, because I have homework to do. WHY CAN I NOT JUST LIKE THINGS. WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO REALLY, REALLY FUCKING LIKE THEM? Maybe this will finally result in me making that "Introduction To Muse" playlist I was planning on doing. grrr.)
glee, kurt hummel, nothing hurts, klaine, blaine anderson

Episode Reaction #1: Michael

I don't have time or energy to do a full reaction now because, whilst I actually had a really good first day back, I hit a titanium fortress of exhaustion at about 7pm and it is going to kill me so hard tomorrow.

SO, as I get dropped off tomorrow morning like a cool kid with an awesome dad, I will think things then!

But I have to say now:

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